Doctors Salaries In Australia: Salary Scale for Australian Doctors (2021/2022)

Australian Doctors Salaries

How much are doctors paid in Australia today?.

Here is the monthly salary scale for doctors in Australia as of this year.

Australian doctors are among the best paid workers in the country, which makes many professional doctors want to move to Australia for a better career pay.

Although in Australia the amount of money a professional doctor will get paid monthly will highly depend on one’s field and profession, it is safe to say that one can make a very reasonable amount of money by being a doctor in Australia.

In Australia, a more experienced doctor is more likely to earn more salary compared to a new doctor who recently started working.

Which means that the salaries of Australian doctors increases as the doctor gains more knowledge and experience in their specific field or areas of professionalism.

Doctors, especially those in public hospitals may also benefit from salary packaging.

This is simply where the amount of taxable income a doctor earns can be reduced by spending some of their pre-tax salary.

For example on an item such as a new car.

With the salary packaging, an Australian doctor’s salary can increase from $100,000 to around $150,000.

With that being said, below is how much you can make per month as a doctor in Australia this year.

Here is the salary scale for doctors in Australia according to their jobs or field as doctors.

Doctors Salary In Australia:

In general, the average Doctors Salary in Australia is around $10,500 per month.

The salary varies depending on the job title, experience, educational level and field.

Below are salaries for doctors in Australia with respect to their job title.

Australian Doctors Salaries:
  1. Dentist

Average Salary: $11,000 per month

  1. Doctor

Average Salary: $10,400 per month

  1. Resident

Average Salary: $8,000 per month

  1. Intern

Average Salary: $7,000 monthly

  1. Pathologist

Average Salary: $7,300 per month

  1. Health Officer

Average Salary: $6,700 per month

  1. Median

Average Salary: $10,500 monthly

A Doctor’s average monthly salary in Australia according to the job title is as show above.

The salary may increase as experience is gained and the salary may also be determined by the hospital one works at.

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