List of Richest Doctors In India 2021

Richest Doctors In India

List of the richest medical doctors in India today is out.

With respect to their Net Worth here are the top wealthiest doctors in India ranked by their Net Worth.

India is known for having the best medical professionals in the world and India is one of the very few countries in the world with advanced medical care for all patients and almost every illness there is.

Indian doctors are valued in the medical industry and one of the highest paying careers in India is actually a doctor.

In India today, surgeons are the majority when in comes to the richest and most wealthy Indian doctors.

Other medical professions are also among the richest doctors in India but Indian surgeons earn millions compared to other medical professionals.

If you are wondering who is the richest Indian doctor ever,
Arvind Lal is the richest doctor in India this year by Net Worth.

He is closely followed by a cardiac surgeon Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty who takes the second place as the wealthiest doctor in India.

Dr. Panda, a heart surgeon, is considered the best doctor in India till date, he has saved uncountable lives which makes him the safest doctor in India today.

Below is the list of the top richest doctors in India according to their net worth.

Some of these Indian doctors in this list of the wealthiest doctors in India are recognized worldwide and highly respected in the medical industry, especially in their respective fields.

Here is the list of the wealthiest doctors in India today.

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Richest Doctors In India:

  1. Dr. Arvind Lal

Doctor Arvind Lalchair who is actually the chair of Dr. Lal PathLabs is currently the richest doctor in India.

  1. Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty

Profession: Heart Surgeon

  1. Balamurali Ambati

Profession: Ophthalmology

  1. Dwarkanath Kotnis
  2. Naresh Trehan

Profession: Cardiovascular Surgeon

  1. Deepak Chopra

Profession: Herbalist and Medical Doctor

  1. Aamod Rao

Profession: Cosmetic Surgeon

  1. Sanjay Borude

Profession: Liposuction professional doctor and a Gastric Bypass surgeon

  1. Ramneek Mahajan

Profession: Orthopedic doctor

  1. Ashim Desai

Profession: Otorhinolaryngologist and Micro Laryngeal Surgeon

This article is regularly updated to ensure you consume only the latest content.

But as of this year, those are the wealthiest doctors in India ranked by net worth.

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